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all that dust is a new independent record label producing a small number of high-quality contemporary music releases each year. It is run by Newton Armstrong, Juliet Fraser and Mark Knoop who together have a wealth of experience in the recording studio: they have worked together in various configurations (as performer, engineer or producer) on recordings released by labels such as Hat Hut, Kairos, another timbre, NMC and Metier.

all that dust aims to support the artists we work with by providing an inexpensive but high-quality recording experience, and offers our listeners a small but lovingly crafted catalogue of new music. The catalogue seeks to represent a balance of contemporary classics (sometimes recorded in new ways), established living composers and composers of the emerging generation. With the help of 104 Kickstarter supporters, the label released its first batch of five recordings in July 2018,

all that dust was formed as a Limited Liability Partnership in 2017.